Real money baccarat game types

You are a newbie and you don’t know what online baccarat games to play, well you don’t have to worry about that. No matter which version you choose, your chances of winning gays are very high. Baccarat is a very generous table game for players. The house advantage is 1.2%. You therefore find that this is a game that can ruin casinos.
The popularity of Baccarat is so strong that it has become one of the favorite games of players around the world. It drains hallucinating sums. For example, the game of Baccarat has generated 33.2 billion in profits in Macau casinos in China over the past 15 years. These numbers clearly prove that online baccarat is a real boon for players.
With this in mind, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to playing and having an exceptional moment.

Live Baccarat

In this version of the famous online casino game, the player faces a real live dealer. The game then takes on a very special dimension since from your living room, you are transported in real time in an atmosphere worthy of Las Vegas casinos. The game is then broadcast like a television program using quality equipment. The game then takes on a very special dimension since from your living room, you are transported in real time in an atmosphere worthy of Las Vegas casinos. All the predispositions are taken by the casino to make this moment as pleasant as possible. Online casino games including Live Baccarat are provided by the developer Evolution Gaming.


Chemin de fer is a variation of Baccarat 2021 in which players play against each other. The banker is one of the players. He is chosen by the dealer and has the biggest stake. It is greater than or equal to that of the other players combined. In the railroad, the Banker only changes if he decides to leave or if he loses his winnings entirely. Among the players who face the Banker, the one who has the biggest bet represents the others and faces the Banker. He thus has the power to decide whether or not he wishes to draw an additional card. Commissions amount to 5% of bets on the banker’s hand.

Baccarat Bank

This version of the Baccarat table game is very interesting. It indeed gives the possibility to the players to be able to bet on the banker or on the other players. However, the banker can only place bets on himself. In banking baccarat, the two hands play independently, thus allowing the player to be able to win big bets or failing that, to lose everything. Indeed, there are three possibilities to win in this case. You can have a winning hand and a losing hand. You may find yourself in a scenario where both hands are winning. In the third case, both hands lose.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the ideal version of the baccarat game of chance for beginners. It’s perfect for those who usually find themselves confused when they don’t know whether to draw one more card or not. This American version of the online Baccarat game is based on a principle identical to that of Chemin de Fer. It can contain up to 12 players who will place their bets either on the one of them who has the biggest bet or on the banker. If the count of the cards gives the number 9, one obtains a victory with an odds of 1 against 1 and gains equivalent to the initial setting.

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