TOP Baccarat Casinos in Canada

To benefit from better conditions for playing free online baccarat, you must register with the best online casino gaming sites. They set themselves apart from the others by their impressive Game Library, the bonuses and promotions they offer as well as the security of player data they offer and by a customer service available every day at all hours. Based on these criteria, here are some of the best virtual online casino game portals in Canada.

Royal Vegas Casino
Launched in the early 2000s, Royal Vegas Casino is an online casino gambling establishment that will give you complete satisfaction. You can have fun with a game library rich in more than 700 games of all kinds. With such a library, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to baccarat. The Royal Vegas casino also offers welcome bonuses of up to 1,200 Euros. Along with 100% effective customer support, this is a great gaming platform for you to have fun.

Spin Palace Casino
For more than 15 years, the Spin Palace casino has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the world of online casino games. For good reason, it has an impressive game library of more than 500 games. There is something for all tastes and budgets. This reputation also takes into account the fact that it is the publisher Microgaming which is its main supplier of games. With bonuses of up to 1000 euros, Spin Palace casino opens its doors to you and offers you its know-how to accompany you on an incredible adventure paved with ever-larger wins.

Ruby Fortune Casino
On this platform created in 2003, you can benefit from up to 750 euros of welcome bonus to play all types of games. You will indeed find several variants of Baccarat for your greatest happiness. Indeed the Ruby Fortune casino has a library of more than 500 games. Thanks to quality customer service, you will have the help you need to guide you if you encounter any difficulties. Note also that the virtual casino provides you with a wide range of secure payment methods to carry out your transactions.

Euro Palace Casino
Created in 2007, Euro Palace Casino is a virtual online gaming portal which offers nearly 450 games to its subscribers. Edited by big pundits in the middle (Evolution gaming for live games, Microgaming, NetENt) it offers all newcomers a bonus of $ 600. With such a sum, you have the opportunity to sit at the Baccarat card game table and win some interesting bets. In addition, thanks to its VIP program, you can win several prizes such as invitations to major events.

Jackpot City Casino
The jackpot city casino game library is a real gold mine if you are passionate about baccarat. With variants of Chemin de fer, Punto Banco or Baccara Banque, you will be weary of having fun as you see fit. Launched in 1998, this platform has over 20 years of experience and offers incredible welcome bonuses. This is how you have the opportunity to enjoy up to $ 1,600 to get started and make a fortune. At Jackpot city Casino, you will undoubtedly have a special time.

Baccarat odds as the main thing to understand to imagine your chances of winning

Baccarat odds are the first thing all the players should orient themselves while playing the game. Despite the fact that many large gamblers are associated with baccarat, this game does not require great intellectual effort or special mathematical skills to be successful. In fact, baccarat is comparingly the easiest casino game to play. Although its apparent prestige, the whole essence of the game is to make a bet and to score the number of points close to 9 but to not go over. This is why you can start playing baccarat as soon as you read the rules and get familiar with the baccarat game odds which is an important part of the whole game and is necessary to be learned by every player.

The odds of winning the EZ baccarat online game

The first thing to understand about EZ baccarat odds is that everything depends completely on the chance. The player has no way to influence the course of the game. Even the buy-in is automatically received by the player according to the Third Card Rule. The player is free only in choosing the size of the bet and in choosing the sector on which he makes this bet. But anyway, to know what to expect from the game, you can read more about the odds of baccarat below:

  1. The odds of winning for any type of bet always remains less than 0.5;
  2. The baccarat odds of winning slightly increase in a game with fewer decks;
  3. The odds of winning when betting on the Player are slightly less than the odds of winning when betting on the Banker;
  4. The odds depend on the commission charged and the amount paid for the Tie;
  5. The probability of a Tie is really low.

So as you could notice, there is absolutely nothing difficult about the odds of EZ baccarat and it is considered the simplest game because it is created by serious and predefined rules that are strictly applied with no necessity to own any special skills and knowledge.

The odds of a Tie in baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most favorite games of many gamblers as requires the least to start playing it. There are just three types of bets and the baccarat odds are very clear that immediately let you understand what to expect during the whole game. Lots of professional players recommend avoiding placing a bet on a Tie where the players get the same amount of points as it has a really low probability. Even though the payout is relatively generous – 8 to 1, and even 9 to 1 in some establishments, you should not take a risk as the casino’s win rate rises to 14.4% comparing to other bets. All of them have a different probability of being dropped as:

  • The Banker – 45.843%;
  • The Player – 44.615%;
  • The Tie – 9.543%;

Based on this, a Tie bet is not profitable at all as its odds are too low to win. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid this bet and play as if it doesn’t exist at all. If you follow the results and you suddenly get a Tie, just do not calculate this outcome and continue the game.

Baccarat rules for every player to avoid the common mistakes and try to win real money

Baccarat rules may seem pretty simple at first sight, as at the same time they are very clear: just bet on the Player or Banker and wait for your hand to win. However, if you delve into the rules and strategies of experienced players, you will realize that this game is not that easy and has a lot of features that should be learned and understood. Some try to predict the Baccarat layout from previous results, while others try to resort to betting systems. Logic and superstition are equally important in the game. There are few variations of baccarat, which may differ in their features and main rules. Below, you can find out about the two most common variations of the game.

The rules of the EZ baccarat cards game

EZ baccarat rules have absolutely no difference from the traditional one and are really east-to-learn for every player. Up to fourteen players and three croupiers can take part in this game. It is the variation of the game that is most common in casinos. The players are only required to place a bet, so the game gets a characteristic intensity, which does not make the players wait, everything happens automatically, according to the established rules of baccarat which are the following:

  1. The purpose is to collect a combination of cards with a total score of 9 or as close to 9 as possible;
  2. Ace is counted for one point, cards from 2 to 9 – at face value, pictures and tens give zero points;
  3. The player can place a bet on the field “Player” or “Bank” and/or “Tie”;
  4. At the beginning of the game, the banker and the player receive two cards each;
  5. In certain cases, according to the baccarat rules a third card may be issued to the player, banker, or both.

The one who gets 9 points wins. The player who scored 8 points, provided that the opponent scored less, also wins. If none of the participants has 8 or 9 points, then a third card can be received.

Drawing rules of mini-baccarat

The mini-baccarat rules are nothing more than simplified American Baccarat casino rules. The game also involves decks of fifty-two cards and they are dealt by the dealer. On the game table, in front of each player, there are fields for bets on the player’s win, the dealer’s win, and the draw. The table size is much smaller than in other types of baccarat. All cards that have come out of the game are placed in a special bumper. But yet it has its own features and characteristics as:

  1. It is really democratic, as the limits of rates are quite low;
  2. All you need to do is to place a bet, all other actions in the game will be performed by the dealer himself;
  3. The goal of the game is to guess who the player or banker will win, or whether there will be a draw;
  4. The maximum number of players at the table should be seven.

The baccarat game is easy to find in many online and land-based casinos today. Players are offered to try their hand at several types of games at once. Even though the rules in them are slightly different, but the essence and scheme of the game remain the same.

Baccarat strategy – the most valuable guidelines for fans of the game

Baccarat is quite a simple game of luck and chance, but its simplicity doesn’t bring on to the forfeit of hazard. In spite of not a big manual with the rules, Baccarat strategy isn’t the empty boast, as there are different special sets of actions, which are used for increasing the winning chances. Of course, nobody can guarantee 100 % of success, but a careful course is always better than a random selection, if it’s about long-term gaming process. And exactly at this moment a specific Baccarat game strategy does its part.

The general Baccarat strategy system

The main aim of the game is to collect 9 points, using 2 or 3 cards, dealt by a dealer. At the inside the total sum should be closer to 9 and better, than a banker has. But it’s about the gameplay at the table. A gambler, who takes part in Baccarat, just needs to guess right the winner of the round. Thus, there can be only 3 possible outcomes – a player wins, a dealer wins, a tie.

In spite of a certain simplicity, there are some strategies, which are constantly used by advanced players.

  • Martingale strategy. This is, definitely, the most popular Baccarat strategy. It supposes a player to double a bet, if there’s a loss and to return to a starting bet after every win.
  • 1-3-2-6 betting system. This is a simple strategy, based on predefined order of bets’ sizes. Thus, The first bet is equals to 1 coin. If the round is unsuccessful the bet remains the same. Otherwise, the second try is 3 coins and so on down the list.
  • D’Alembert system. This strategy mean that a player increases every bet on one point after every win, and reduces the rate on one coin when there’s a loss.
  • Parlay strategy. It’s a kind of alternative to Martingale, as a gambler multiplies by two every winning bet and adds the previous win to the next bet. As an example, if a lucky bet was 20 USD, the next bet is 60 USD (20 USD x 2 + 20 USD). Every loss “demands” a gambler to get back to the starting rate.

Any of the mentioned systems have their protagonists and opponents, and it’s for every gambler to decide which of them should be chosen, or maybe even to invent something new and special.

Baccarat winning tips and advice

As it is with any of activity, there exist some recommendations for Baccarat players, as well. They can be a bit general, but nobody has canceled their usefulness. Well, some of helpful advice are given below.

  • It’s necessary to manage own bankroll to avoid big and insupportable losses.
  • Always use this or that Baccarat strategy to maintain hold of the gaming process.
  • It’s better to place bets predominantly on a dealer’s win, as in this case the house edge is equals to 1,05 % against the 1,25 %, when the bet is made on a player’s win and practically 15 % when there’s a tie.
  • Try to find an online casino that offers Baccarat game with fewer number of decks. As fewer decks are used so more winning chances do exist.
  • Keep personal emotions (no matter whether they are positive or negative ones), as an impassioned action can lead to big losses.

Thus, every gambler now is armed with the basic tips and recommendations, which can help to achieve a success, playing online Baccarat.