Baccarat rules for every player to avoid the common mistakes and try to win real money

Baccarat rules may seem pretty simple at first sight, as at the same time they are very clear: just bet on the Player or Banker and wait for your hand to win. However, if you delve into the rules and strategies of experienced players, you will realize that this game is not that easy and has a lot of features that should be learned and understood. Some try to predict the Baccarat layout from previous results, while others try to resort to betting systems. Logic and superstition are equally important in the game. There are few variations of baccarat, which may differ in their features and main rules. Below, you can find out about the two most common variations of the game.

The rules of the EZ baccarat cards game

EZ baccarat rules have absolutely no difference from the traditional one and are really east-to-learn for every player. Up to fourteen players and three croupiers can take part in this game. It is the variation of the game that is most common in casinos. The players are only required to place a bet, so the game gets a characteristic intensity, which does not make the players wait, everything happens automatically, according to the established rules of baccarat which are the following:

  1. The purpose is to collect a combination of cards with a total score of 9 or as close to 9 as possible;
  2. Ace is counted for one point, cards from 2 to 9 – at face value, pictures and tens give zero points;
  3. The player can place a bet on the field “Player” or “Bank” and/or “Tie”;
  4. At the beginning of the game, the banker and the player receive two cards each;
  5. In certain cases, according to the baccarat rules a third card may be issued to the player, banker, or both.

The one who gets 9 points wins. The player who scored 8 points, provided that the opponent scored less, also wins. If none of the participants has 8 or 9 points, then a third card can be received.

Drawing rules of mini-baccarat

The mini-baccarat rules are nothing more than simplified American Baccarat casino rules. The game also involves decks of fifty-two cards and they are dealt by the dealer. On the game table, in front of each player, there are fields for bets on the player’s win, the dealer’s win, and the draw. The table size is much smaller than in other types of baccarat. All cards that have come out of the game are placed in a special bumper. But yet it has its own features and characteristics as:

  1. It is really democratic, as the limits of rates are quite low;
  2. All you need to do is to place a bet, all other actions in the game will be performed by the dealer himself;
  3. The goal of the game is to guess who the player or banker will win, or whether there will be a draw;
  4. The maximum number of players at the table should be seven.

The baccarat game is easy to find in many online and land-based casinos today. Players are offered to try their hand at several types of games at once. Even though the rules in them are slightly different, but the essence and scheme of the game remain the same.

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